Is your ROUTER Secure?

If you understand the concept of computer data, i.e. you know very well “DATA” is being first converted into binary format which is based on the logical concept in the form of 0’s and 1’s i.e understand only by computer machine. Same Phenomenon here in the routing of information when you get from the “INTERNET” through your “ROUTER” weather’s of any type as “WIRED” or “WIRELESS” and may of any company “NETFLIX”, “CISCO”, “D-LINK”, “Link-Sys”, etc. Thus, the information obtains from 0’s and 1’s, in such a way that the questions is in your mind that “Is your ROUTER secure” which route information from the Internet? Thus, the things which is you never heard about the “DATA security”.

How the transferred Data is hacked?

Data is in the form of facts, media or other things which is firstly converted into binary form and you can record your data by the camera when your flashing LED switch’s either ON or OFF from your router device. In such a way, hackers play their role very well. They might hack their information when from and to or fro of it on the Internet. According to Cyber Security Research, they analyses it and drone a capture of this.

Router Security

The most difficult part of allowing this malware to work is installing it on the router in the first place. However, we can’t forget this is just a part of research and not a real attack vector. But it could be in the future, and by identifying it as a potential weakness in a network, manufacturers can think about ways to counter it in case someone does try to deploy this type of malware. Duct tape, perhaps?


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